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Tarafından yayınlanmıştır Levent Doğançay içinde İzolatör · 16/2/2020 23:36:09
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Dear Customer,
It has come to our attention that a company that has no connection whatsoever with T-Global Technology are claiming we will no longer be supporting the TG series and that they are in fact the manufacturer of these products. Both of these statements are false. Products manufactured by T-Global Technology are only available through our approved distributor, Digi-Key, or directly through ourselves.
T-Global Technology’s new TG-A series range of silicone thermal pads is the next generation of thermal interface materials utilising the latest technology and processes. These pads offer superior performance at a reduced cost and supercede the TG series of thermal pads.
For this reason, T-Global Technology has decided to End of Life the TG series products in our distributor Digi-Key Electronics to promote the use of the TG-A series for new projects. The last buy date for TGX, TG2030, TG4040 and TG6050 silicone thermal pads through Digi-Key will be the 31st of December 2020. You may find a list of the affected Digi-Key parts and the recommended replacements here (Links open in new windows): TGX, TG2030, TG4040, and TG6050.
T-Global Technology will continue to support the TG series products beyond the end of 2020 for specific applications and existing projects. However, we encourage customers to sample and approve the new TG-A materials wherever possible.
We believe that innovation and product development are key to remaining relevant in the fast-moving technology sector. It is for these reasons that we develop and bring new products to market to support the growing demands of ever-increasing power densities.
For any further information regarding the end of life of TGX, TG2030, TG4040 and TG6050 or you have any concerns about the parts that you currently purchase from us, please contact us at sales@tglobaltechnology.com.
We thank you for your past business with us. We look forward to supporting you in 2020 and beyond.
T-Global Technology Sales Team
+44 (0)1455 553510

TG-A1250 (PDF)

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